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As women get older, they learn how to age gracefully. They must learn to embrace more mature and elegant styles yet have a youthful appearance. After all, the goal is for you to look refreshed and not dull. An essential element that comes up for discussion is, of course, your hair. The right haircut can give a mature woman confidence by making her look chic. I’ve compiled a list of the best hairstyles a modern woman over 50 can sport! But before we get into that, let’s discuss some important things to remember before seeing your new hair.

Hair styling tips for women over 50
As you get older, it’s best to go for cuts that are easier to style. So avoid cuts that are too rough or layered as they will look messy and unkempt. Instead, opt for more straight-cut styles.
Highlights are a great way to add brightness and movement to your hair. Make sure to keep them only a few shades lighter than your base to give off a more elegant vibe.
If you’re someone who’s been banging bangs all her life, you don’t have to give her up now just because you’re older. Just go for more grown-up styles like wispy or side-swept bangs to keep things understated but fresh.
Well, now that you know the key points to keep in mind when choosing your style, let’s look at all the fun styles you can try!

20 Stylish And Elegant Hairstyles For Older Women
1. Simple Shoulder Length Hair

If you’re not using Meryl Streep’s style inspiration, you’ve got some severe self-evaluation to do. This elegant lady knows what she’s doing regarding her hair. Here she has gone for shoulder-length hair, cut in a simple straight style to create a timeless hair look. The casual swept-back half updo just adds to the charm of this look.

2. Gray Pixie Cut

If you’re struggling to manage your gray hair, it’s time to look at Jamie Lee Curtis. This gorgeous actress has embraced her grays and has gone for an edgy and sexy pixie style. Now, she’s a bad guy if ever there was one!

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3. Ash Blonde Highlights On Long Wavy Hair

Whoever said you should cut your hair as you get older didn’t know what they were talking about. Long hair styled in loose waves looks dainty and still brings a youthful charm to your style statement. If you have blonde hair, you can opt for some subtle ash blonde highlights to add some brightness.

4. Slim Short Bob

If there’s one thing Viola Davis knows how to rock (other than being an Academy Award-winning actress), it’s how to play a short bob. This short straight bob parted on one side keeps things understated and classy. But Davis managed to add a subtle dimension to it by going for some dark brown highlights in the front.

5. Asymmetric Bob

If there is one celebrity who is the human embodiment of sophistication and class, it has to be Helen Mirren. To create a hair look that is in line with her elegant personality, she opted for an asymmetrical short bob with side-swept bangs in an icy platinum shade.

6. Multidimensional Brunette Pixie

A great way to mask the grays in your hair is to go for a color job with many shades of the same color. For example, you can try this brunette look in shades of blonde and chocolate brown, which creates a stunning multi-dimensional effect. Pair this color with a pixie cut and dramatic side-swept bangs to get that modern look.

7. Sandy Blonde Long Bob

Keep things simple and chic with this long bob style that is easy to style and maintain. Color it in a light and breezy sand-brown shade and decorate it in shaggy waves for the ultimate effortlessly cool look. Mixing a few platinum blonde highlights adds movement to this look.

8. Curly Golden Blonde Bob

Jessica Lange seems to be one of those women who only get more beautiful as they age. This is probably because she has learned to age gracefully by choosing styles that complement her age. This golden blonde bob in tousled curls is stunning proof of the same.

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9. Spiky Pixie Cut

Because you’re getting old doesn’t mean you have to give up your inner sense of style. If your taste leans towards a super edgy and tough hair look, you should go for this pixie cut with razor lace. Style this cut in some incredible spikes using some hair gel to complete the look.

10. Feathered Blonde Bob

This is a classic hairstyle for older women if there ever was one. This short bob style with flared edges and side-swept bangs has stood the test of time as it will suit just about any face shape and hair color. But it looks especially great with blonde hair.

11. Straight Medium Hair

If there’s one lady who knows how to keep things fresh with hair, it’s got to be Diane Keaton. To embrace her grays in all their glory, she’s gone for a silvery blonde color over her mane. These gorgeous locks are styled in a sleek straight fashion and topped off with a black top hat to add a touch of whimsy.

12. Rounded Edge Bob With Straight Cut Bangs

Who doesn’t know Anna Wintour’s iconic short bob and bangs? This straight-cut bob with rounded edges and blunt bangs epitomizes sophistication with a touch of dignified whimsy. Show off this style and rest assured that you’re always in fashion (hehe, get it?).

13. Voluminous Pixie

Hoo boy, now here’s a badass hair look if there ever was one! This sexy pixie cut style has reached new heights thanks to the voluminous spikes it’s styled in. Angela Bassett’s sexy spunk just takes it to a whole other level.

14. Auburn Long Bob

Megan Mullally has been sporting this deep, red long bob for several years now, and we can see why she stuck with it for so long. This red-toned hair look is perfect for bringing youthful vitality to your look without being overly bright in color or style.

15. Pastel Pink Layered Bob

A few shades look great on all women, regardless of their age. Pastel pink is one of them. Get your hair cut in an adorably chic layered bob and color it in a soft pink shade to achieve this whimsical yet understated hair look.

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16. Brown to Blonde Root Melt

Two-tone color jobs work pretty well at infusing life into dull hair. This flawless cool brown to blonde carrot melt does just that while also looking longer and healthier. Straighten this look and add some side-swept bangs to give a little youthful vibe to your look.

17. Brunette Pixie with Silver Thread

The word “fat” doesn’t even describe this haircut’s badassery. First up is the asymmetrical pixie with shaved short ends on one side and long swept bangs on the other. Suppose an undercut at the back of the head makes this style look super edgy. It has only been taken to another level by coloring the fairy in excellent brown color and leaving the undercut in its natural gray color.

18. Streamlined Bump

Older women have a sense of authority and quiet dignity for them to be showcased through their hair. This sleek and slightly curved bob does just that and then some. The bright blonde color adds a touch of glamor to the overall look.

19. Platinum Blonde Locks

If there’s one thing we can learn from Dolly Parton, you can play platinum blonde hair regardless of age. A gorgeous platinum blonde shade is also perfect for hiding gray hair if that’s what you want. Style this color on long layered hair and loose waves to create a look that will take everyone’s breath away.

20. Brown and Blonde Mixed Curls

If you want both the grounded look of brunette hair and the brightness of blonde hair, here’s a look that will work perfectly for you. You could go for a blended look with chocolate brown and honey blonde to create this gorgeous two-tone look. Natural curls make this style look even more magical.

Well, there he is! Our overview of the top hairstyles for older women! Think we missed some great styles? Comment below to let us know.

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